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My name is Kelly Jeska

I am a small business owner who has learned the ins and outs of web design and tech through my years as a content manager, virtual technology assistant, email marketer, customer care provider, social media manager... aka, a person of many skills. I love balancing my creative side with the organization of technology and hope to bring small businesses that balance as well. I know firsthand how easy it is to become overwhelmed with everything a small business needs, and it is my mission to help you start your business from a solid and grounded foundation so you can do what you do best.


Wild Heart Designs is all about serving small businesses with what they need, and leaving out what they don't. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a successful business. That being said, with unique needs comes unique pricing. Fill out the form below for an estimate. Let's work together to create a plan that works for you.

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I'll work with you to create a branding kit that matches your vision and can include: primary and secondary colors, primary and secondary fonts, and multiple logo variations that build your company's visual identity.

Portfolio Web Design

Website Design

Once your brand has been designed and finalized, I'll create a website for you that holds all of the elements your business needs such as a booking service, an online store, email marketing, forms, etc.

Sticky Notes

Business Consulting

Taking the leap and building your first business? Not sure what you need? We can talk through your ideas and I can offer support regarding best practices that work for you to achieve optimal results and success. 

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This option is available if you have plans to market your services through email and/or social media marketing, materials such as flyers,  stickers, shirts, business cards, etc.

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You have the option for me to build your site and hand over all of the control, or you can continue to take advantage of my services with regular site maintenance and changes as needed for a flat hourly rate.

Kelly Jeska
Small Business Web Design

Ready to take the next step on your journey? Fill out the form below so I can become familiar with your goals. I'll follow up with you via email with an estimate and to schedule a free consultation.

Let's work together.
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